Sunday, November 18, 2012

November Newsletter

Hello everyone and thank you for reading, especially those of you who are new to me or my books. Hopefully What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? has garnered me a few new fans.

Once again, as is tradition with these things, I apologise for the silence. What can I say but life is just so break neck busy at the moment that this blog is very, very sadly neglected. Hopefully anyone who wants to see me waffle on a more regular basis can follow me on Twitter (@claireallan) or on my Facebook author page.

Well, where to be begin?
The milestones of the last few months are simple.
The girl - that tiny baby I posted about all those times - has started pre-school. She writes her own name. She reads letters like a pro. She makes up song all the time. She can frequently be seen sitting at the computer telling me she is writing a book. She (along with her brother) is the love of my life.
Her brother - now a football obsessed, XBox loving pre-teen (even tho he is only 8) has grown Harry styles type hair. He veers between being Mr Sensible "Mammy you are SO not cool" to being a sensitive child who needs reassurance. He is doing incredibly well in school and I am incredibly proud of him.

But, see those people who said the teeny years were the toughest? They fibbed.  While both children need me to do less things for them physically they need me in a whole pile of different ways which makes the combination of full time work, full time mammyhood and a book a year contract interesting to say the least. But all that said I'm aware my over busy-ness isn't really something to complain about. It just leaves me a little tired.

Well, in book news, What Becomes was launched on the world and has got some pretty amazing reviews and reader feedback. No sooner was it out though that all focus has shifted to book seven which... drumroll please... has a working title of "THE FIRST TIME I SAID GOODBYE"

Dear reader, this marks a slight shift in direction for me as carrying on from the nostalgia feel of If Only You Knew this book delves into the life of a woman who fell in love with a GI stationed in Derry just after World War Two. Of course it has a contemporary element - but the writing of such a book requires a lot of research, a lot of making sure it is just right and a lot of panicking on my part.
I have been exceptionally lucky that a number of GI brides have told me their story - but in doing so I want to make sure I retell it correctly.

The book is pencilled for an October 2013 release ... keep watching (but maybe not that often!) for more news.

Lots of love,
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