Praise for It's Got to be Perfect
"It really is like a hug in a book" - Women's Way

"An easy read with a strong feel-good factor" - The Irish Independent

"Another really enjoyable read from Claire Allan... (which) certainly cements her as one of Ireland’s finest chick lit authors," - Chick Lit Reviews

Praise for Jumping in Puddles

Yet again, the best-selling author of Feels Like Maybe and Rainy Days and Tuesdays has come up with a feel-good, touching and amusing little tale which readers will find hard to put down. - The Irish Independent

Although Jumping in Puddles is only Claire Allan's third novel, it expertly showcases her natural talent for writing. From the opening pages, her prose is captivating, whilst its characteristic fluidity creates an effortless and delightful read.- Ulster Tatler

I thoroughly enjoyed every page, and I think Claire Allan is just getting better and better with every book! An excellent read, and highly recommended from me.- Chick Lit Reviews

Allan is in the Marian Keyes' school of chick-lit, mixing her romance with serious issues and a dash of black Irish humour. This is her third novel in as many years and for my money it's her best to date - slick, confident and with just the right mix of pathos ...- Verbal Magazine

If RTE have any sense, they’ll buy this and turn it into a fab series and sell it internationally. - Evening Herald
Praise for Feels Like Maybe
Allan has a strong writing style that is smart and funny. Feels Like Maybe ... is a sparkling and feel good romantic read. - The Irish Independent.

Feels Like Maybe was a breeze and a joy to read. At times, my heart hurt for both Aoife and Beth and at others I laughed out loud. Loved it. -

Claire Allan's second novel has struck the perfect balance between humour and emotion. - The RTE Guide

This is a moving, page turner of a read shot through with moments of laugh-out-loud humour'. - The News Letter
Praise for Rainy Days and Tuesdays
"A really lovely debut novel about motherhood, working women, friendship, losing weight, therapy, love and having it all. Don't miss it!" - Sharon Owens

"I truly adored this book.... so clever and funny. I really empathised with Grace - a fabulous character - so warm and lovely." - Melissa Hill

"Move over Bridget Jones!" - Sunday Life

"A warm and funny look at life as a working mother"- Mail on Sunday

"I would defy anyone to read the book and not become fond of Grace. As a genuine and real character she reels you in and makes you get to want to know her" - Irish News.

"Her debut novel does not disappoint. It will make you laugh and cry and digs a little bit deeper than your typical chick lit novel" - Limerick Post

"I applaud Allan for not only giving readers a humorous look at life as a mom, but also for tackling a topic that many wouldn't even attempt: depression." -

'Rainy Days and Tuesdays' is one book every woman should read this Summer. If you don't like it, I'll eat my RBTs (reliable black trousers).- Verbal Magazine

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