Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some quick grumbles from a mad mammy

(Fat) Sod's Law
So men have an easier time of losing weight than women! It's enough to make me take my scales and throw them out of the bathroom window in frustration.
A survey by Slimming World revealed this week that men lose weight faster, and tend to stick to diets longer than their female counterparts. I haven't dared reveal that I've read about these results to my other half for fear he would simply start doing his "superior man" dance around the house before deciding to lose a couple of pounds and dropping a stone with relatively no effort whatsoever.
I tend to agree that men do have an easier time of losing weight than us girls- but they also get away with being overweight a lot easier than we do. They tend not to spend their teenage years yo-yoing up and down the scales either- therefore not screwing up their metabolism to the point it takes virtual starvation to drop an inch.
In my next life I'm definitely coming back as a man.

Not as smart as I look
A scary number of years ago (19!) I passed my 11 Plus with flying colours. I went on to study at Thornhill, where I got a respectful nine GCSEs and three A Levels before gaining a 2:1 in my primary degree before gaining a post graduate Diploma and Masters Degree in Newspaper Journalism.
It's scary then that I can't manage to answer the questions pitched at today's school wains.
The BBC have been testing our knowledge of basic English and Maths and my scores have been embarrassing to say the least. I no longer remember the difference between a simile and a metaphor and as for cubing, squaring or doing other weird and wonderful things to numbers- well it's all a blessed mystery to me.
I guess it is time I embraced the concept of life-long learning again.

Ladies- some decorum please!
It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Desperate Housewives- especially Teri Hatcher- whose portrayal of Lois Lane prompted my career in journalism. (Still waiting to meet my Clark Kent).
However I've been a little disgusted and ashamed to read of the alleged off screen scrapping between the co-stars over who is regarded the most famous/ who looks better on screen and who should win the awards.
When Felicity Huffman (the fabulous Lynette) won an Emmy this week for best comedy actress it was rumoured that Teri Hatcher refused to have her photo taken with her co-star because she was jealous.
Whatever the reason for the spat between the housewives, it's about time they wised up and acted their age- not their teeny weeny shoe sizes.
I'm sorry but it when it comes to my store of sympathy i'm afraid I'm all out when it comes to feeling sorry for rich, gorgeous actresses who's only concern is who stands in the centre of a photograph.

Grumpy old woman
I'm afraid that as I approach the grand old age of 30, I find I am becoming increasingly less tolerant of other people and their "endearing little habits".
So for your information, habits I find particularly annoying at the moment include:
*Not saying thank you when I stop and hold a door open to allow you through- funnily enough I'm not actually employed as a full-time door-open-upper!
*People who drop litter in the street, or worse still tell their children it is okay to do so.
*Rude shop assistants who would rather talk to their friends than bother to say "please" and "thank you" when serving you.
Are manners something we have forgotten about in the 21st Century or do we just not care anymore? It's about time people got back to basics and remembered that politeness costs nothing.

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