Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just a word of thanks...

AS regular readers will know I'm an aspiring writer. Well because of that I've been hanging out at Write Words a lot and have made some lovely new virtual friends- esp in the Chick Lit forum.
I have to say these enormously talented ladies have taught me so much about my craft and I want to thank them wholeheartedly.

And for the record I"m now 10,000 words into my second novel 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered'.

Enjoy this tiny taster:
After Jake had left me, swaggering out of my flat with his T-shirt inside out, I had tried to win him back.
I became, I can admit with the fullness of time, a little psychotic over the whole thing. I bombarded him with phonecalls and when he changed his number I started with letters and emails.
I wanted him to know that I was as shocked by the whole thing as he was and that I had reacted myself with the same anger and disbelief but that it would and could be ok and sure we hadn't planned it, but that didn't mean a baby would have to be a bad thing.
He didn't reply. I would have handled the whole thing better if he had repeatedly told me to feck off, but he didn't. He just ignored me and that allowed me to tell my pregnancy addled, hormone riddled brain that perhaps he never got the 36 letters or 49 emails and that his phone must have a fault.
Eventually, after sobbing like a mad woman all over Janice Grayson's new nursery, Beth sat me down on the luxury rocker and told me that I needed to let go. I needed to realise he didn't want me or our baby. I nodded, agreed- I mean I hadn't really wanted our baby myself. So I decided that I had to change my tactics. He might not have wanted us then, but surely that would change when he heard about his own daughter?


Alexandra said...

Ahhh :-)

That's a great 'taster' you posted there.

Zoe Lea said...

Awww, getting soft in your old age!! :) And wow, can't beleive you've written 10,000 words already!! Well done!

Luisa said...

I agree with Alexandra, and as for your comment about WriteWords friends - the same to you! :)

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