Thursday, December 06, 2007

Well hark at me - award winner

For my journalism - and it's only an internal award (well throughout Johnston Press' 30 Northern Irish titles).
My Children of the Year Awards (and yes, I do feel a certain ownership of them after six years of reading about sick and courageous wains) received the 'Life is Local: Community Initiative of 2007' Award.
For me, writing about 'real' people and true human stories is my favourite aspect of my chosen career (the day job anyway) so this was a great boost.
Sadly I wasn't at the awards ceremony so didn't get to do my Oscar style speech, but I'd like to thank my colleague Erin for sticking the lollies in the lid of the box on the night and supplying hankies when I sobbed at the stories. I'd also like to thank my husband, my child, my mammy, my agent, my window cleaner and my driving instructor.
You love me, you really love me!

(Above speech was written with tongue firmly in cheek - just in case you wondered).


Anonymous said...


Erin's blog said...

You're welcome.
I feel I should have got an award for the lolly bit

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