Thursday, November 26, 2009

So it is done and I'm reading through

And dealing with a few minor inconsistencies here and there until - 50 pages from the end - I discover an extra Friday.
There we have it, my characters enjoy one perfectly fine Friday and then wake up the next day and do Friday all over again.
So much happens in those last few chapters that I don't know how I'm going to rework it to make it work and my head hurts a lot.
Oh I realise I've given another character just two weeks to fall in love. TWO WEEKS? Maybe because I wrote the fecking book over the course 14 long and painful months it felt like a helluva lot longer than two weeks.
Does anyone fall in love in two weeks anymore?
If you did - lemme know!


Debs Riccio said...

In fiction, anything is possible, Claire! Did I tell you about this Time Traveller's Wife I met once?!

FIONA said...

I did hun!!!!!!!! and look at us now still very much in love, with 2 gorgeous boys!!! xxx

Whoopsie Daisy said...

it is possible!! I fell in love in two weeks. It was a mighty whirlwind/rollercoaster of two weeks that seemed timeless but it was definitley that soon when the words were uttered! It can be realistic in a story if the charachters have intereacted before that time- i.e been freinds.
Good luck with the tandem fridays

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