Friday, March 25, 2005

Stupid o'clock in the morning...

AS I write it's 5.08am.

The wee man is sleeping soundly, after a rather unfortunate constipation/ poo the size of a boulder incident and DH is snoring after a rather more fortunate four pints of beer incident.

I am however awake, and spraying febreeze around the house in a very strange fashion, having had an unsuccessful hunt for chocolate around the house and only a rather suspect Drambuie Liquer (no thanking you very much).

Funny thing about motherhood is that you get tired....VERY tired and yet if your brain switches into gear for even two minutes during the night that's it, you are awake and it's a bugger trying to get back to the land of nod.

And of course, you can't take Nytol with a baby in the house. There is no way himself would wake to the sound of our child crying, so I think it has actually been a full 14 months since I last had a deep sleep.

I suppose I could try counting sheep and not worrying about EVERYTHING, from how fast the wee man is growing up to the highly annoying cost of childcare and car insurance in my area; to the fact that my new haircut looks like pants unless I actually get a hairdresser round every morning with her super straighteners to fix it. (Think mullet central)

Anyway, with the time now 5.14am...and with the Febreezing done and the smell of poo but a faint memory....I'm off to try and sleep. Wish me luck!

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