Friday, September 08, 2006

Music me me me me

Five songs that remind you of being a small child:

1) Grandma's Feather Bed- especially "I even kissed aunt lu! whoo!"
2) Stupid Cupid or Paper Roses by Connie Francis- my mum's ironing music.
3) Smile though your heart is breaking- my granda used to sing that all the
4) Get into the Groove- the first pop song I really remember.
5) Dancing on a Rainbow- by that famous Derry group 2x2

Five Songs That Remind You of Your Best Friends

1. Shocked- Mandi
2. Praise You- the Vickster
3. Flashdance- Lisa
4. I Will Survive- the Thornhill girlies
5. The Cha Cha Slide- you should see Vicki do that one when drunk

Five Songs that remind you of when you first started going to bars/clubs.
1. Boom Shake the Room- The Fresh Prince
2. U2- Even better than the real thing.
3. All that she wants (is another baby)- memories of painful nights in the Embassy. I HATE that song.
4. Superstition by Stevie Wonder- the Foy Vance years.
5. Come Baby Come- K7 (Bounce, c'mon now, Bounce, c'mon on now)

Five Songs Guarenteed to Make You Cry or, if you're too manly to cry, mist

1. Songbird, Eva Cassidy, reminds me of my very gorgeous boy and how I fell
in love with him.
2. Angel- Sarah McLachlan- for when I'm feeling low.
3. Goodbye my Lover- James Blunt. It just is berluddy sad.
4. Sometimes I feel like a sad song- John Denver.
5. When the River Meets the Sea- John Denver again- because of my father
telling me I was to play it as his funeral.

Five Songs Guaranteed to Make You Smile
1. Flashdance
2. Got to Turn Around- Phats and Small
3. Praise You- Fat Boy Slim
4. Now That I Know What I Want- Brian Kennedy
5. that damned heart, soul song...I Got Life, Nina Simone. My boy loves it.

Five Current Most Played Songs
1. Nina Simone- see above about the boy.
2. I wish I was a punk rocker (or prawn cracker as my niece calls it)
3. The Island- Brian Kennedy and Juliet Turner
4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered- in a Stevie Wonder phase.
5. I Don't Feel Like Dancing by The Scissor Sisters.

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