Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RIP Pat Kavanagh

The name Pat Kavanagh may not mean much to those outside the literary world but she was a big player.
For many years an agent at PFD she represented the likes of Joanna Trollope and Ruth Rendell.
She has died, aged 68, after battling a brain tumour.
My personal connection to Pat is pretty minimal. She was the first person to reject my work - back in 2006. She, a big player in a huge firm, sent a gorgeous two page letter praising my writing, wishing me well and ultimately saying she didn't do chick lit - but in a nice, non-patronising way.
She was a lady.
Anyway, I feel a little sad today to hear of her passing and I just wanted to mark it some little way.


Fionnuala said...

I didn't know her but I'm sad for you....x

bfs said...

A very sweet way to mark the day.

Says a lot about you, that you would memoralize her in such a kind way.

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