Sunday, November 09, 2008

That writing bug...

I've written about 3000 words this week - and I'm loving it.
It's flowing, it's funny - it feels right.
I'm not brave enough to do NANO but I'm pushing myself on anyway.
Anyway 6500 words down, just (ha!) 103,500 to go!

Oh and I'm also working on a non-fiction piece for Poolbeg on the joys of parenthood.
Feel free to share your best and worst parenting experiences!


bfs said...

I think every parent's worst parenting story is the day the little one slipped out of sight. One of mine who had been playing among the linen rolls actually walked out of the linen shop following a lady he thought was my friend I was shopping with. Two seconds later, I'm running through the store like a crazy lady, out on the sidewalk, and back in again. Back out on the sidewalk again, a strange lady came down the sidewalk holding Sean's hand and asked me if I was "Jenny" (my friend he thought he was following). It was a horrid day. But he's 31 now, a daddy of 'almost' three boys, and a great man who survived! :-) ps....I survived, too.

Fiona said...

I agree with previous person. Ryan did it with us went out off swimming baths heading towards main road. I felt like I couldn't breathe!!!
Another horrible time was when I driving to A&E with Ryan at 12.30am cause he couldn't get a proper breath for then to be sat all night with a nebuliser mask as close to his face as possible, all while he's crying, just praying for my baby to be ok. Now everytime he has a chest infection it brings it all back. xx

Evie said...

They say you should be as honest and as open with your kids as you can. I have to disagree. In the 30 seconds flat my youngest told my new beau (of about two weeks at that stage) my previous relationships history. Including details I didn't even know she knew of. My advice to new parents it tell them nothing, ever.

Then there is the teaching them life skills so they are able to handle everything life might throw at them. That is untill a toddler puts you firmly in your place by announcing in a fury.
"There's no handles left!!!!!"

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