Wednesday, October 07, 2009

It's been a crazy few days

And I'm very, very tired and trying to plot ways to give my house a face lift before Christmas on a very limited budget.
I wish I had the interior design skills of Aoife and Beth from Feels Like Maybe - but I'm just a wannabe.

That said, my big task for the next few days is to try and clear out the boy's toys that he no longer plays with and give them to the charity shop or the dump - but of course I made the fatal mistake of telling him about this plan. Even though he now thinks Bob the Builder is for "bibbies" he does not want to part with his precious toys - and now he will watching them like a hawk.
I'm going to have to be extra, extra sneaky methinks.

1 comment:

Evie said...

Tell him what I used to tell the girls:
Santa won't bring more prezzies at Xmas if you have too many toys already, so we have to clear out all the old ones before Santa does his checks!

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