Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're oh so tired...

Everyone in the Allan household seems to be going through a serious bout of exhaustion just now.
By the time I finished work today I was as ratty as a bag of cats from tiredness and when I got to my mum's to pick up the children, they were also ratty. The husband (who does exist) was also grumblesome when we got home.
So the boy had a meltdown and I got him to bed promising to do his homework with him in the morning, while the girl has not even stirred since she went down which is very unlike here. I've had a shower and put my PJs on and am watching True Blood before hitting the hay myself.
So if I'm quiet, it's because I'm sleeping, or working or wanting to sleep at work.
Anyone have any hints for staying awake?


The Pineapple Tart said...

Eat every three hours. Have orange juice and toast for breakfast. A banana mid morning. Pasta for lunch. A digestive biscuit mid afternoon. Your blood sugar levels will stay consistently high all day - giving you loads of energy... (How can you tell I'm the mother of child with diabetes?)

Sharon Owens said...

Hi Claire,

we are all exhausted here too!!! I have taken to going to bed at 6pm which I know is a luxury you do not have. My hubby hasn't had a break since before Christmas last year. And our daughter is still recovering from exams/exam stress/waiting for results stress. I nearly fainted yesterday in the bank, I was that tired, and had to get the bus home, whereupon I fell asleep on the sofa with my coat still on. Sending you love!!!


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