Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have to go cold turkey on the "wow"

My nephew, who is 22 months old and very cute when he is not giving me the evil eye, has christened chocolate "wow".
I can see his point.
Everytime he sees chocolate he shouts "wow", so the result is we have all started calling it "wow" and really, when you think about it chocolate is pretty wow... all that soft, chocolatey, melty goodness.

The problem is, I have developed a wow addiction in the last few weeks after doing really, really well with the diet and the scales are starting to move in the wrong direction.
This MUST stop. I do not want to undo the work I have done. I do not want to get fatter. I look at myself now and cringe when I think how I must have looked at 22lbs heavier. Yikes. And definitely not "wow".

So the wow is being consigned to the bin for now and I will get back on track. I won't use the excuse that I am feeling meh and have vertigo which would make a donkey boke to allow me to eat what I want when I want it.
I'm pretty sure I could stomach more than wow.

Let's hope.

1 comment:

Fionnuala Kearney said...

You are wow and never forget it, x

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