Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random conversations with the boy - the joy of music

Joseph has decided he wants to be in a rock band when he is older. He knows already that it will be called "Rock Bros"  (that's Bros pronounced BROOOOOS, not Bros as in Matt and Luke Goss, he is very particular about that...)

As part of their repetoire he tells me they will sing 'Dream On' by Aerosmith (which he likes listening to on the Glee soundtrack).

"When Aerosmith die, mammy, I will sing that at their funeral and then I'll become the new Aerosmith."

He isn't content with being a cover artist though - he has some original ideas.
J: "I'm already writing songs, mammy. Our first one will be about knowledge."
Me: "And how will that go?"
J (singing) : "Hamsters live in a cage, but they die very soon. Fish swim in the water and they need the water to live."

The boy is going to be a star!

1 comment:

Aleeza said...

Nah, not a star. a ROCKSTAR! =D

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