Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Still thinking of Camille

Some of you have asked me recently how Camille Shave is doing.
For those who have not read my previous posts on Camille, she is perhaps the bravest little girl in the world. Just three years old, she will be undergoing brain surgery in just over two weeks to try and resect as much of her tumour as possible and give her the best chance of survival. Her parents, Hayley and Martin, have some devastating and difficult decisions to make in the coming weeks - decisions no parent should be faced with.
I think of Camille most days. I think of Hayley and Martin and their other daughter Lucia too but at times, I'll selfishly admit, I have to try not to think about them because I find the situation so painful. I'm lucky though, I can distract myself with other things.
Through all this Camille remains a funny, happy and beautifully delightful child. Hayley and Martin remain positive and inspirational.
It's Got to Be Perfect raised money for 'Camille's Appeal'. Camille and Lucia even make a guest appearance in the book. It was the very least (believe me) that I could do.

If you have five minutes and need a reminder why this charity is so important then please read this extract from Martin's latest blog.

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