Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What a week

I ca never be trusted to drive anywhere outside of my comfort zone. I proved that last week when I set off for Eason HQ to film for TV3.
Google maps directed us to Ballymun. The people of Ballymun looked at us like we were thickos from the North. So we spent 45 minutes driving around Dublin airport, Swords, Claremont and other such places and eventually found our location (after I'd turned the air blue on more than one occasion in the car).
So we filmed in TV3 and then drove onto Poolbeg towers in Baldoyle (didn't get lost but only because I was following my editor as she drove) and we had lunch in a wee cafe just around the corner.
Big fat eejit that I am, I managed to get lost on the way back to Poolbeg and my editor was just setting out search party mode when I found my way back.
This was not the glam author life I had been promised!

I did not, however, get lost on the way to my first ever book launch which took place in the Central Library in Derry last Thursday. Loads of people showed up - including people I didn't actually know, which was brilliant. I made a speech, as did the boy, and the I drank about 76* cosmopolitans and sang some motown classics.

On Saturday I saw 'It's Got to be Perfect' in Eason, looking gorge on the shelves and now I'm getting the slow drip of friends' reviews coming in. So far it's been a thumbs up, but then they would say that, wouldn't they?

I'l keep you posted as to how it goes.

*not really

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mammydiaries said...

Congratulations Claire! I look forward to reading it :)

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