Thursday, March 10, 2011

In hibernation

In short, I am written out.
'The 30 Something Crisis Club' went to Dublin this week - after a frenetic fortnight of editing it to within an inch of its life.
Now I feel as if i'm spent - for the moment anyway - until my writerly juices kick up to full pelt again. I do have ideas - strong ones - so it shouldn't be too long.
But for now I'm going to do some of the things I just could not while I concentrated on getting the book away.

I am going to read - oh joy... reading, how I've missed thee! I have Little White Lies by Bernadette Strachan on the go as I was warned it might be similar to my new idea (it's not... but it's still a good book) and then I'm going to finish reading the Anna McPartlin book I had to lock away as it was just too distracting. And finally I'm going to enjoy Shirley Benton's debut 'Looking For Leon' which has just be published my Poolbeg.

I'm going to get my hair cut. I look like Chewbacca.
Which reminds me, I'm also going to book in for eyebrow tweezering.

I'm going to spring clean my house - the dust has gathered at a whole new pace when I've not been looking.

I'm going to have some quality time with my children.

I may even cook something more adventurous than toast and drink something healthier than Diet Coke and wine.

So if it goes a little quiet, or stay a little quiet it is because I'm hibernating - recharging my batteries and gearing up to start all over again.

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