Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Did you ever get one of those days?

You know that saying you see on novelty signs hung in taxi offices and Chinese Takeaways and the like "Good morning, Let the Stress Begin"

well today has been one of those mornings.

First of all I was woken from a lovely dream where I was Kate Middleton and was stinking rich and planning a wedding.Then I went downstairs to find the baked ratatouille I had prepared last night had disinigrated into a wee dish I like to call "smelly mulch" and had to be binned before I took a dose of the mad bokes. Then on the school run we were held up by a burned out bus smouldering its acrid, toxic smoke all over us.

Work, when I arrived, has been "interesting" - and by "interesting" I mean - stressful.

BUT, instead of falling down under it I'm going to accentuate the positive with

  • Singing in a choir - which is remarkable given my lack of musical talent but there really is safety in numbers and the craic is good.
  • My increasingly snuggly big boy who, despite being seven, still loves his mammy.
  • My increasingly funny wee girl - who this morning listened to my singing and said "I like that song mammy. Again!" which I don't think anyone has ever said before, ever, in connection with my singing.
  • Last night's episode of Glee in which Mr Schuester was looking particularly handsome. This makes me shallow but shallow works for me right now.
  • The 3lbs which I managed to lose last week - go me!
  • The 21,000 words of edits I've managed to do in the last three weeks which I, personally, think makes this book the best I've ever written.
  • The plans I am making to have my hall and landing painted which, given that the walls currently look like an aftershot from a dirty protest is a very good thing indeed.
  • I'm on my holidays soon!!! Whoop Whoop! Of course I'm holidaying in my house, editing the book, but I berluddy can't wait all the same.
  • It's my tenth wedding anniversary next week and we've not killed each other yet!
  • You, lovely readers, for being lovely.

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