Sunday, January 07, 2007

Baby got back...

FIFTY YEARS ago women were women. We had curves. We wore bras that actually contained boobs (real ones) and our arses were more than just bone and skinny jeans.
As I return to my diet- Xmas having dented by 13lb loss by 3lbs- I wonder about the goals I've been setting myself.
I don't crave to be a size 10, or even a 12. I want curves. I want to feel like a woman and damn it, look at Marilyn on the right here- she looks amazing.
Why have we set unattainable goals for ourselves these days? How is it that a size 12 or 14 are considered fat? Marilyn was a 16 and she doesn't look sick, fat or unhealthy.
So I'm rethinking my goals...and this weight is going to come off a pound at a time.
I promise to update you all next week....shall we call it Slimdown Sunday?

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