Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tackfest Tuesday- the return

In 20 minutes I'm getting in a taxi and going to the Poolbeg offices to meet with my publishers for the first time.
I'm crapping myself, to put it as mildly as I can. But I'm telling myself even big Mazza has done this- walked into those offices as a first time novelist and it worked for them.
So my song for today is Whitney Houston, before she got all haggard, singing step by step. One day (or taxi journey as a time)
Well, theres a bridge and theres a river
That I still must cross
As Im going on my journey
Oh, I might be lost
And theres a road I have to follow
A place I have to go
But no one told me just how to get there
But when I get there Ill know
cause Im taking it...Step by step
Bit by bit
Stone by stone
Brick by brick
Step by step
Day by day
Mile by mile
Go your own way
And this old road is rough and ruin
So many dangers along the way
So many burdens might fall upon me
So many troubles I have to face
But I wont let my spirit fail me
But I wont let my spirit go
Until I get to my destination
Im gonna take it slow

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