Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So anyway...

I ARRIVED at Poolbeg yesterday morning and, after freaking at the sight of the red lighthouse, it was actually very lovely.
The team were lovely. They were nice to me. They offered me tea and took me to lunch at a very down to earth and friendly wee cafe and we had a good old gossip.

My one moment of shame came when the publishing assistant (Hi Niamh, if you are reading this!) said "I read your blog this morning. So you're crapping yourself, are you?"

It was quite tricky to explain I meant crapping myself in a nice way.

Anyway, 'Rainy Days and Tuesdays' will hit the shops in Ireland in August of this year. That really isn't very long to wait at all now, is it?


Lucy Diamond said...


Arrived here via the lovely Keris giving us both a plug. Love the blog and just wanted to say congrats on the book deal!

Keris said...

That's not enough! More info please!

And the same happened to me when I met my agent. She said, 'So I read on your blog ...' and I went beetroot! :)

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