Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cars, damn cars and alternators

Last year I was sold a lemon in the form of a Vauxhall Corsa which (probably to the delight of the person who sold it to me) has given me nothing but trouble.
On day one of my proud car ownership, it spilled petrol all over the forecourt of the garage when I tried to fill it.
One new petrol tank and service later (and a war of words with the nasty previous owner) I was on the road.
Until the day it overheated in the McDonald's drive-thru, or the time the brakes went, or the time it leaked petrol all over my street, or the second time it leaked petrol all over my street or today- when the both the battery and handbrake light flashed on coinciding with a thunk that mad my heart sink to my boots.
Of course being the hols, there are no garages open. And I'm now contemplating getting rid of the nasty horrible Corsa and getting a newer version. Only problem is, I'm skint...and cars don't come cheap (or free for that matter- which would be more in my price range).

I may be back to taxis and buses after all.
Ach well, I could do with the exercise.

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