Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wanna pee standing up?

I have to say I quite like the genius of Google's targetted ads in your email.
But this one made me roar laughing,
Behold the ShePee

Of course I had rack my brains to figure out what I may have written in emails to warrant an ad for this product and I can only blame Keris for an exchange of emails regarding me peeing my pants with excitement at the prospect of 'Rainy Days and Tuesdays' going on sale.

I actually thinks Keris believes I suffer from light bladder weakness, but my pelvic floor is fine thanks. (Except possibly when doing aerobics, which is why I abstain!).

Anyway, if you fancy peeing into what looks like a paper cup (without spilling any on your jeans) while making that road trip then go ahead...knock yourself out.

Personally I'm a fan of Billy Connolly's patented incontinence pants. (Keep watching, it's worth it)

And just for my dear friend Mandi..

1 comment:

Keris said...

Hey, don't blame me! You're the one who mentioned Tena Lady!

I saw the ShePee on Dragon's Den!

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