Tuesday, April 17, 2007

RTE One- Off the Rails

I'm reliably informed (by the TV listings the in Journal) that tomorrow night's 'Off the Rails' (RTE One 8.30pm) features Paula Campbell, the chief publisher at Poolbeg (aka the woman who gave me my break/ bought me Lasagne in May's Cafe).
Paula has three gorgeous kids (I've seen their pictures- it made me exceptionally very broody), all of them under the age of two.
For a woman who gets no sleep and works long hours reading books from the likes of me, I think she looks very glam anyway. At that stage of motherhood I was still confined to trackie bottoms and stained T-shirts (my Derry mammy look as Yaya called it).
Anyway, have a wee watch. Go on, ya will, ya will, ya will.

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