Thursday, June 28, 2007

One week in....

What a mad ride!
It's one week since RD&T was released from the depths of Baldoyle onto the world and it's has been insanely emotional, scary, wonderful and surreal all at the same time.
The real big moment for me was on Saturday of last week when - while I was sat with my head wrapped in tinfoil for a much needed pre-wedding roots touch up - my work colleague Catherine Spence called me to say the book was in Eason and she had just bought it.
I admit that I've been quite cool about the whole shebang on the outside but I could not hold back the tears at this news. I managed, thankfully, to wait til I got back to my car and then sat weeping like a looney behind the wheel. Christ knows what the car park attendant thought.
And then my two aunties phoned to say they too had seen it, so it was only right that I made my way up myself.
Now, it's a bit strange to see your book on the shelves of a proper book shop. I didn't want to look like "Mrs Precious Author" so I admired from a far and thought I was doing well until my sister arrived at the scene and insisted on taking my picture beside the display..
My cover was blown.

On Monday I received some posters from Poolbeg from the Lovely Niamh who said I could hang them on the wall of fame, but instead I persuaded the powers that be at the Journal to let me hang one at our main entrance. It's all about sales people.
Catherine Spence then came over to tell me the book made her cry and she was now in love with Aidan (Grace's other half) and then I took a phone call from my PR lady who said a reporter in Dublin had also had a good gurn over the whole thing.
Not to mention the fact that Pamela Ballentine off of UTV is now reading it and I've to go one LIVE TV next week. Feck!
On Wednesday Lovely Niamh (I actually think I'll call her Lovely Niamh from now on..) emailed me to say that after just Friday and Saturday of sales the book was number 51 in the Nielson BookScan Original Fiction chart thingummies which is apparantly a very promising start. (And Kate Long who is a vay famous author said it was too- and she knows stuff).

So anyway... mad. I'm sitting here in my jammies- stinking and in need of a shower but waiting for another phone interview call...
It's glamour all the way!

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Nicola Pedley said...

My copy arrived at 2 o'clock today and I'm half way through it and enjoying every word. Go Claire!

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