Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two weeks in...

Or is it closer to three?
I've kind of lost track... things have been mad... and by mad I mean totallly mind-alteringly mental, like nothing I've ever experienced before.
This morning I found myself, at 7.30am sat on a sofa drinking tea having a wee chat with Frank 'It's a cracker' Carson at the studios of TV3.
Last week I sat on the hallowed sofas of UTV and on Saturday past I spent two hours sitting at a desk in the middle of Eason signing books for the lovely and very supportive people of Derry.
In between times I've been traipsing around Dublin with the very funky Lynda from Poolbeg, and having dinner with supermum Paula Campbell and the lovely Niamh.
Today the lovely Niamh made herself seem even more lovely my eyes by phoning me and telling me RD&T has reached number 9 in the original fiction chart!
Aside from chart positions though, I had a number of women tell me how the book has moved them to laughter and tears and how it has in some way made them re-evaluate their lives.
You can't get better than that!

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

It's nice to read your updates. May you have many more books to sign :)

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