Sunday, August 26, 2007

RIP Dorothy the Serial Killing Goldfish

It's a very sad day in the Allan household.
Today our goldfish, Dorothy, went to the big goldfish bowl in the sky (or 'Fishy Heaben' as Joseph calls it).
We've had Dorothy for a year, having bought her and her friend Nemo last summer to live in my mum's house and be the children's pets.
We soon found out Dot had an evil streak, quickly disposing of three Nemos in quick succession until we decided to let her have free run of the goldfish bowl on her own.
Generally she hasn't done much bar swim around, poop alot and freak out when she was fed.
But lately she hasn't been well, and after watching her stick to the bottom of her bowl for a few days we self diagnosed a swim bladder problem and spent a small fortune on medicine, new food, new gravel for her bowl etc.
Yesterday, still unbalanced, she swam around for the first time in a week and we hoped she was getting better.
But today in a final flurry of gill wobbling, she gave up and passed on.
This is why I will never own a dog - a goldfish dying is hard enough to deal with. Now her wee bowl is lying there empty and we don't think we will be replacing her.

1 comment:

diane said...

Oh, I'm sorry :(

we lost our beloved cat a couple of weeks ago and it's so sad saying goodbye to a pet. Even one that doesn't do much! RIP Dot. x

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