Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Very proud of my writer friend!

If you have read 'Rainy Days and Tuesdays' chances are you may have cast your eye over the acknowledgements and in that case you may have seen mention of Luisa Plaja, who I met as part of an online writing community.
Luisa's first book 'Split By a Kiss' is due to be released by Random House next spring and having read extracts (and seen a rough sketch of what the cover might just look like!), teen fiction fans are in for a real treat.
Luisa is an exceptionally talented and funny writer who captures the feeling of being 16 perfectly. Her writing reminds of the very best of all those delicious Judy Blume books I read while growing up. (Only cooler and funnier).

AND on top of all this, her book has been longlisted in the Waterstones Book of the Year thingummy. So big up Luisa - you rock!

1 comment:

Luisa said...

Claire, you're so wonderful! Thank you.


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