Thursday, August 02, 2007

You know that feeling...

... when you are reading a great book by your ultimate heroine Marian Keyes and you think "I never want this to end", well after reading Ms Keyes' July newsletter my wish may just have been granted.
Her next novel, due out in March next year hopefully, is currently standing at 210,000 thousand words long.
Now a quick calculation in my authorish head would lead me to believe that is approximately 700 double spaced A four pages, which translates, in real publisher terms to in excess of 700 book pages.
That's a lot of reading... but please Mazza, stop writing now and get the thing out. Us fans are starved of your one liners and pearls of wisdom and I need a Mazza fix!
I've written two books in the time it has taken you to write 'This Charming Man' (admittedly the word count of the two of them together doesn't match the word count of your book)... but please, don't keep us in suspenders any longer!

Completely unrelated, I went to see a youth production of Les Miserables tonight at the Millennium Forum in Derry. I love the show more than perhaps I love my bed but I wasn't convinced a bunch of 17 and 18 year olds could do it justice, but you know what... for the most part they did.

Rainy Days and Tuesdays continues to sit at number 12 in the original fiction chart, which makes me deliriously happy. And I've started writing book three and making serious inroads into the plot... not 210,000 words but still, not bad.

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