Monday, September 01, 2008

Well my big boy is now a school boy

And he's a grumpy wee sod this evening on the back of it.

He was so excited this morning and I managed to retain my composure as he got dressed into a uniform for the first time.

Leaving him to school was fine. He smiled, went into his classroom and sat down like a good boy.

He did give me a soppy eyed look as I was leaving and I did cry all over the playground.

He was fine when I picked him up - if a little over tired and over excited and now I'm just settling myself down to the fact we have to do it all again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day.

I think I'm knackered from the exertion, never mind him.


Lois Lane said...

Bless you - Paige is sooo excited I think we might be headed for a fall on Thursday when she actually has to go to school! Well done for getting through the first day xxx

Fionnuala said...

He looks so cute! Well done for not boo hooing untik the playground. When Jane (my youngest) started big school, the headmistress evicted me. Honest. x

Anonymous said...

Awww bless that grown up boy! My Lil Sis's middle boy starts school tomorrow, I think she's quite happy though ;o)
I couldn't wait for my youngest to start school - but then I'm just a mean Mummy ;o)

Annie Bright said...

Aw, he's so cute. The first day at school is so hard - for us Mummys!!

FION said...

Oh Claire he's so grown up. Kielan had lots of fun but he 's only going part time for 2 weeks like to break them in gently!! I didn't cry I cheered thinking finally!! I know cruel mummy. xx

Pat Posner said...

Hi, Claire
I came here via Annie's. Lovely 'first day at school' picture and I love your Jumping in Puddles title.

Claire said...

Thanks all.
I'm a very proud mummy indeed.

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