Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who did you want to be?

Poolbeg (the lovely people) have just launched a forum where you can go discuss your favourite books, speak to authors* and find out more about submitting a manuscript to them.
Now one of the threads currently on the fledgeling forum is about your favourite books and it got me to thinking of the first Poolbeg book I read, way, way, way back in the very early 90s.
It was 'City Girls' by Patricia Scanlan and it centred around three friends, coming through awful adversity to become a success. It was the first of a trilogy of books by Ms Scanlan on the three City Girls and I so wanted to be Devlin - officially the coolest girl on the block.
Sure she had her tough times - an unwanted pregnancy, a stint in Ballymum (one of Dublin's notorious high rise areas) and a great fecking whack of tragedy. But she pulled herself through it to become a success, find love and launch City Women - a chain of plush fitness and beauty spas.
She had a cool name, funky business suits, a sexy boyfriend and a very nice blonde bob.

So, when you were younger - who did you want to be?

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Donna said...

I was not the motherly type - at all, but I loved the Hardy Boys Books and wanted to be just like their mom. She wasn't in the books much, just a short introduction about her stature, love and patience for her boys, etc. She was petite at 5'1", blah, blah, blah. Imagine my disapointment when I surpassed 5'1" and didn't stop till 5'3".
Stupid puberty!

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