Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Conversations with the Boy

Joseph, like butter wouldn't melt...
Joseph's homework on Wednesday seemed simple enough.

We had to fill in the missing words - and the topic was winter.

So, for example, we had "In winter the weather is very _ _ _ _"

Duly, we filled in c .o. l.d

We were going great guns on the rest of the homework til we reached the sentence

"Old people don't like the cold _ _ _ _ _ _ _ "

Now, I knew the word was weather. And up until this point Joseph had been getting the fact that he was supposed to fill in just one word on each line. But, oh no... now he decided to be more creative.

"Old people don't like the cold," he wrote "it kills them".

He had a point.


Sharon Owens said...

Ha ha!!! We had a rubbish Christmas - foundered 24-7, no gift shopping, no Xmas pressies, hardly any festive groceries. I took to my bed and watched DVDs for most of it. I have now started shopping for Xmas 2011 - if anyone is still speaking to me after getting nowt in 2010...

Sharon Owens said...

Joseph tells it like it is!!!

Debs Riccio said...

Bless him - had to say I LOVE your new header bar - very sassy!

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