Monday, January 03, 2011

In the home stretch

With a significant effort over the last few days and a great deal of ignoring the telly/ books/ my children I am now in the final throws of book 5 - which feels like it has taken me the very longest of all my books ever and which feels a bit like the never ending story - except without a flying dragon and a princess with a stupid name.

Each book has taken a little bit more out of me - even the books I essentially love writing. With this one I decided to challenge myself further and write about some pretty serious stuff - all wrapped up in a lovely chick lit bow of course.

This has been tough. I have had to take my brain to dark places and the  try to get back before it decided it wanted to stay there. (My brain, for the record likes dark places. It gets comfy. Also as I am very suggestible, writing about bad things convinces me those bad things will happen. A shocking amount of unpleasant stuff I've written about in previous books has come true since with people around me...)

But I do see the finish line now ... and it's a lovely finish line. And then I'm absolutely going to take a month off before even starting to write book 6 and I'm going to enjoy sitting on my arse and watching garbage on TV and reading as many books not written by me as possible.

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