Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hauling out the big guns

There comes a time when you sit, a manuscript in front of you... a year or more of blood, sweat, tears, hope and dreams and you realise it's time to go in with the big guns.

Yes, my friends - welcome to editing hell. The truth being I have taken agin my latest book. And I want to make it much better. And I NEED to make it much better because I'm five books into this writing toot and it's coming close to that "sh*t or get off the pot" moment where you (being I) have to think about your work/ life balance and how much you actually get from writing (emotionally, intellectually, spiritually) and if you are good enough to do it for a living.

I made a promise to myself at the start of this year that in 2011 I would give my heart and soul to writing. I would do whatever it could to make this work. (Bearing in mind that making this work is largely out of my hands. I write the books - someone else chooses a cover, publishes it and markets it. Other people will review it. Booksellers will decided whether or not to stock it. Readers will decide whether or not buy it. Lucky breaks may, or may not, come my way).

So anything I write from now has to be something I'm 100% happy with - that I can stand over and say "this is who I am and if it doesn't work then I'll know I've given it my all".

The 30 Something Crisis Club will be that book.

So it's big guns time. Time to not so much "kill my darlings" as massacre them.

Wish me luck.


Chris said...

The world is yours, Claire. I see Marian's books in the book shops and supermarkets here. Your books belong there too.

Janice said...

lol - the above comment was from me, not my husband. Should really check who I'm signed in under.;)

Clodagh said...

Good luck, Claire! You can do it.x

Sharon Owens said...

Claire, you know you're good enough, we all know it, it's just an EXTREMELY hard way to make a living!!! I'm tempted (daily) to work in Thornton's and/or buy extra Lotto tickets...

Reading JIP at the moment - again - loving it!!!


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