Friday, April 01, 2011

I have in my hand a piece of paper..

It's a Post It Note... with Cathy Kelly's email address written on it - by her very own hand!!
I may frame it.

I'm very tired... it has been a long few days but here are my key points about the event that was the Eason Celebration of Women's Fiction.

  • Patricia Scanlan is very lovely indeed and didn't laugh when I told her I wanted to be Devlin and run my own City Woman.
  • Sheila O'Flanagan knows her stuff. She's lovely - very forthcoming with advice and encouragement and refreshingly still as nervous when she sends a book as the rest of us mere mortals.
  • Melissa Hill has fabulous shoes and is just gorgeous and lovely  and exceptionally friendly.
  • Anna McPartlin is a ride. I mean, not that I did or anything... but she is just vibrant and funny and lovely (not to mention talented) that I may have a bit of a (non lesbian) crush on her.
  • Emma Hannigan is impossibly glam and very (must not say lovely.. there may be a lovely overload going on here) very nice (but nice is an awful word isn't it? Like "fine"... no one wants to be nice.) Okay, so I'll say she is a babe.
  • Cathy Kelly is impossibly wee but an absolute dote who said hello to me as if she really meant it and we had a nice (too short) chat and I babbled a lot about her being THE Cathy Kelly which in fairness I think she already knew.
  • Marisa Mackle is very glam. I could hate her. Except she was that word I've already used too much.
Oh there is so much more to write, but it was great and thanks to Eason for arranging it and for Shirley Benton and Clodagh Murphy for holding my hand.

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Sharon Owens said...

Oh My God - get you swanking it up with the VIPs - well, it was nice knowing you, Claire!!!

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