Friday, July 01, 2005

Nooo shoooos

I can't believe my little one is growing so fast.
Today we bought his first proper shoes and I'm reminded of that old story about the mother who cried when she bought her child his first shoes because it meant he would be one step closer to walking away from her forever.
But I'm not feeling maudlin (for once, which you will agree is a major achievement for me!). I#'m proud as punch. But to make sure the sad feelings don't creep in, we bought shoes which light up at the heels when he walks can you be sad when Disco Baby is dancing away from you?

TOM CRUISE= Stupid feckwit
As an aside I would just like to publicly say, Tom Cruise you are a feckwit. You've lost a fan and I hope you never have to undergo any kind of mental illness in your life. (That is, of course, if dancing all over Oprah's stage like a midget on heat was not proof enough of your lunacy).

1 comment:

Rachael said...

I've completely gone off Tom Cruise aswell, I used to really like him, but after hearing his stupid opinions on post natal depression I don't think much of him.

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