Sunday, July 24, 2005

Our day at the beach

Been feeling stupidly sorry for myself today for some reason.

But we went out to view a hotel for the upcoming wedding of my sister YaYa (as she is known to the babies) and then went on to the beach.

I had a fab mammy day. It all knitted together perfectly. We laughed, joked, cuddled and I put suncream on Joseph and said things like : "Don't eat the sand, it will make your poo scratchy" a lot.

I felt like a proper grown up. (Why it still surprises me to feel like a proper grown up at 29 is a mystery- but nonetheless it's a rare occurance.)

But I felt sad too- because I don't get to do things like this every day with Joseph. Usually I'm sat a desk- not being a mammy. While my job serves the purpose of keeping me sane (ish) and paying the bills, its not quite as fulfilling as eating chips out of the paper with an 18 month old on the beach.

On the way home in the car we sang our usual medley of songs: including the Goodbye Song from Bear in the Big Blue House.

Perhaps when I go to work tomorrow I'll remind myself of the line: "Oh when we have to go away, it's kind of sad but's nice to know that it won't be long, til we get see each other again.."

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