Saturday, July 23, 2005

Oh what a lovely family!

It is with great shame that I have to admit that myself, Himself and the wee man have very rarely sat down for a meal together that has been prepared by my own fair hands.

We have eaten out quite a bit but, to be honest, dinner usually involves Himself getting a snack at work (usually works evenings), me shovelling something into Joseph at 6 and the sitting down to enjoy my own meal in peace after Joseph is tucked up in bed.

Taking advantage of the fact that himself is off work with a neck injury however I came home early from my mums today and started cooking for my family enmasse.

It's bizarre how something so seemingly silly gave me joy. I had myself locked in the kitchen singing along to the Lyrics Board (dodgy Irish TV) while himself bathed Joseph and then brought him down for a play before dinner.

We all sat at the table- I even insisted the TV be switched off!- and enjoyed my lovely Cottage Pie, with loads of fresh veg.

After we played with the wee man in the living room for an hour before bed and I felt so content I wondered if my heart might just bust.

A year ago the thought of being with my son for three hours without the distraction of his granny, his cousin and all the rest of the extended family would have had me out in a cold sweat.

But today we were our family- our unique wee unit and it was amazing.

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