Sunday, December 03, 2006

At the end of the week....

Operation PollyAnna is now officially over, and did I succeed?
Well kind of.
This has been a week of intense highs and lows. The brilliant parts included travelling to Belfast and seeing my VBF, getting some amazing news on Friday, hearing that my mucker Nora is with child and spending a very lovely evening with Mr. Allan over a bottle of wine and the Take That thingy. (Our secret shame!)
But I've also been tested a good deal. The Friday good news followed a week of sitting on the edge of my seat and frequently bursting into floods of mad tears from time to time. The wee man has also a nasty cough which makes me worry we are facing the first of many winter chest infections (we've ended up in hospital every winter of his life so far).
Add to that the frankly shocking customer service at a certain Waterside supermarket chain today and I was close to packing it all in.
But all in all, I've tried to remain positive and I promise that Pollyanna hasn't gone away you know.

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