Sunday, December 17, 2006

Strictly Come Dancing- The Semi Final

You've got to give my son kudos for his sense of timing. There was I, about to sit down and drool over- sorry watch Mark Raaaamprakassh (even his name sends me in a flurry of girlish excitement) dance the Argentine Tango with Karen when Joseph decides he wants to play, and run up the stairs, and run back down again and generally get in the way of my televisual entertainment.
I think perhaps he realised that every time Mammy watches 'Strictly' a little bit less of her heart belongs to daddy and a little more to Rampant Ramprakash...
Anyway, the upshot was I missed his Tango, which is a bummer given that they scored a whopping 39/40 for it.
Their quick step was good, but as I've said before the ballroom doesn't do it for me in the same way as the Latin dances.
That said, I could never take Emma seriously when she was dancing Latin... her argentine Tango left me a little cold last night- too many legs flailing in too many directions. Her salsa looked good though, I'll give the girl that much.
Now I have a dilemma when it comes to Lilia Kopylova and Matt Dawson. Matt, I think is perhaps the most boring competitor ever to hit the 'Strictly' stage, but I do adore Lilia. Their dances are worth while just to watch her if nothing else.
As for the result, well, all I can say is that I'm glad Mark stayed in. I felt a little eeny bit sorry for Emma (just a little mind) but secretly I'm hoping that now she is gone Mark will be highly likely to win the series.
Roll on next week...
(But what will become of my Saturday nights when it is all done?)

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Keris said...

No! I can't believe you missed it - it was amazing! You know you can watch it on the website?

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