Saturday, December 09, 2006

You've got that sinking feeling....

LAST NIGHT was the 'Journal' Xmas do.
Initially I wasn't going to go for a number of reasons- most especially as I was supposed to driving Bridezilla to Banbridge to order her wedding dress today and I wanted to be in a fit state to do so.
But there was a last minute change of heart and off we toddled expecting just to stay for our dinner and beat a hasty retreat. The retreat was to be even more hasty after we learned there was to be no free bar- instead we got a free glass of wine.
But somehow it turned into an amazing night. I danced like I haven't done since before I had Joseph- and even though I was with my work colleagues- people I would normally be quite reserved around- I just got down with my bad self.
I think the (paid for) five glasses of wine and two WKD may have helped.
I have to say I had a ball, and came home a very happy drunk- Erin and I treating the taxi driver to a rather suspect rendition of The Rose as we drove on our way.
But today I'm wondering did I make an eejit of myself and yes, I'm feeling a little delicate.
All I want is fatty food, Diet Coke on an intravenous drip and the assurance that I don't have to worry about to work on Monday morning.
But that said, it really was a cracking night.... I even ended up dancing with my shoes off!

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