Monday, July 30, 2007

It's a new dawn... it's a new day...

And I'm feeeeeelin'..... MEH...

I'm going to try and be more positive, honestly I am. It's a new week, so a new start and I'm going to stop dragging my emotional heels and start looking at things from a whole new perspective.

So on that note - reasons to be cheerful..

1) I wrote a book which approx 10,000 have bought and read. Some of them even liked it.
2) I have written a second book which I'm proud of.
3) My son appears to have forgiven me for traipsing off to Dublin twice in two weeks.
4) The sun is shining.
5) My MOT isn't til next week so I have the use of a car until at least then ;)
6) I'm booking my first foreign holiday in what will be 7 seven years some time VERY soon.

All good going for a Monday morning - don't you think?

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