Friday, July 03, 2009

I never found him sexy before...

...But now I'm mildly obsessed.

Yes, it's Dr. Nick Jordan from Casualty. Now, I wonder does he have a hairy back???

Not, of course that I like hairy backs but writing a love interest into book four (Now with the very working title of Finding Annie) I am starting to see a certain appeal to hairy men.

All this, of course - the Dr. Nick Jordan thing, the hairy back thing - could be a result of the high fever and general illness I'm enduring.

But there is something wonderful in creating a fictional love interest. Dr. Dishy in Rainy Days and Tuesdays was fun to work with - mixing in a little Luka from ER with a lovely bedside manner and a Northern Irish sense of humour.

Tom Austin in Feels Like Maybe was equally exciting to write. He was a babe. I'd marry him. Honest. And as for the dastardly Jake in FLM... I may not marry him, but I so would.... you know.... do stuff with him.

Jumping in Puddles has a rough and ready George Clooney alike called Liam and Finding Annie has a few men to choose from.

One of them might even look a little like Dr. Nick.... *sigh*

And yes, it's day 8 in the big flu house. The aches have gone. I just have a head full of mucus. Sexy... tres sexy.


♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Sorry y'all are feeling puny! :-(

Deborah Riccio said...

Oooh, now I used to find him appealing during his time travel series ages ago (but then I find time travel sexy anyway...don't ask)but didn't I read about him batting for the other side and other 'stuff'? Don't quote me - but it's made me see him more now as creepy than anything else. It's the eyes.
Glad the aches have gone - you're on your way back to recovery now - woo hoo!

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