Friday, July 17, 2009

My wee sister is getting married today

I'm waxed, plucked and shaved to perfection.
I'm just about to head out to the hairdressers.
I have a beautiful dress hanging in my mums with perhaps the nicest pair of shoes EVER to wear (which will probably cripple me...)
I will be wearing a pair of Trinny and Susannah magic knickers which will cut off the circulation to my legs.
I have all the nicest accessories and was up to late last night packing a bag for us (baby and boy and us + day at a hotel = lots of stuff...) and making sure the children had decent things to wear and silly little things like clean socks.
I've packed spare batteries for the camera.
I have painted my nails - feet and hands.
I had a trauma finding a suitable pair of long shorts for the boy yesterday.
I may have bought a completely unnecessary princess dress for the girl.
I'm doing a reading. Which I WILL fluff, because there is a reason I'm a writer and not a reader.

Husband will put his suit on and go to the wedding.

Thus proves it is a man's world.


Sharon Owens said...

Claire, have a lovely, lovely day. You deserve it. Yes, for most of the guys it's just another excuse for a few pints. They don't understand the importance of this one magical day in a woman's life, that has to tide her through a million afternoons at the kitchen sink. No aspersions cast on the groom today, mind you. I'm sure he's a dote. Good luck to all. And buy the way if you do FLUFF it just shows you are a wonderful girl with gallons of love in your heart for your lovely sister. Go on, show us a pic-tur...

Drama Queen said...

Only women can multi-task and multi-worry - it's what keeps us going. How boring it would be, just to have to turn up and sit there. We love all this fussing and being in charge - I do anyway!
Hope you have a lovely time and that the sun shines on your sisters life from now on.

Fionnuala Kearney said...

Have a lovely day Claire! x

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