Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day Seven in the big flu house

And yes, Claire is still sick.
She gets bouts where she thinks "Erm, I feel an eetle bit better. I know what I'll do - I'll take an exhausted five year old to Tesco at 9pm (one hour past his bedtime) for the shop I couldn't do on Sunday as I was so sick..."
That sentence alone should be proof that Claire is still actually very sick and not at all better.
Tesco was not nice.
It was evil.
And Claire was that bargy mammy who shouts at her child and warns them they are in big, big trouble if they don't start behaving RIGHT NOW. (And Claire doesn't actually know if she shouted or whispered. Her ears are so congested that she can no longer judge the volume of anything...)
And then she nearly passed out.
And the child only grew more cranky.
And Claire ended up once again back in bed surrounded by at least 20jillion different medications (Fluoxetine for the madness, antihistamime for the hayfever, decongestant for the ear issue, antibiotic for the secondary sinus infection, ibufprofen for the pain, paracetamol also for the pain etc etc etc...) moaning once again.

All together now "oooooow. Oooooooh. aaaaaaaah".

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