Thursday, November 11, 2010

That's what friends are for...

Usually I reserve gushing over my fellow writers to the acknowledgements of my books but I want to say a public thank you to two very special fellow Northern Girls for absolutely being there for me over the past couple of weeks when I've been feeling crappy.

These girls, hugely successful and very busy in their own right, have taken the time to call, email and text to make sure I'm okay but have also given me the space to get my head straight. They've also each been dealing with their own issues - but have selflessly been there for me and I absolutely appreciate it more than words can say.

The first is the lovely Fionnoodles, aka Fiona Cassidy and the second is the uber stylish Mrs Sharon Owens who really have proved to me that writing gives you some amazing gifts in your life, not least the support and friendship of your fellow authors.

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