Monday, October 01, 2007

On the Jazz

It's finally happened! I have my writing bling back - after a summer of edits and promoting and all sorts I couldn't really find my voice with Book 3.
But it's there now and last night as I sat down to write I had to tear myself away after an hour - the words were flowing, and they were good words, in the right order, with the right mix of humour and sorrow and I'm so very, very proud of them.
My characters are coming to life in front of my eyes - filling out, becoming real and I'm becoming obsessed with them - all good signs with the writing process.

As I finish each book I have a painful letting go period. My characters do become such a huge part of my life that it is hard to let go of them and think that anyone could be better than Grace, or Aoife or Beth or the lovely Auntie Anna. I feel, after every book, that there is no way the next can be as good or better and I have to allow myself a little grieving period for letting them go.

This has been a hard summer in terms of letting go of all my previous creations, but now Niamh, Ruth, Liam and Ruby are ready to rock. It's going to be fun getting to know them!

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