Monday, October 08, 2007

Strictly Come Dancing - Week One

I was going to attempt to do a week by week run down of Strictly (we in the know, get to call it 'Strictly' don't you know), but then I see that once again Keris is reviewing it for TV Scoop and there is no way I can be as indepth or observant as she is, so I'm going to do a linky thing instead.

My only personal comment is that I'm sad to see Karen Hardy go in the first week - I like the cut of her gib. That said, Dirty Dick from Corrie was never going to be as appealing as Mark Ramprakash. Not by a long shot.
As for my ongoing mission to be in SCD (Or 'Strictly') in 2009, we might have to move the goalposts a little.
I wonder what I'm doing in 2017???

1 comment:

Keris said...

Aw, bless you. Thanks! :)

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