Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random thoughts from my day...

Firstly: I have a ham sandwich in a Noddy bowl in the back of my car.
The boy has decided breakfast is for wimps and no matter what delicious cereal I put before him in the morning (be it something healthy like Shreddies, or something sugar laden like Coco Pops) he would much prefer a ham sandwich. (Yes the obsession is still going strong people).
So this morning after mucho faffing and not eating said odd breakfast we reached a compromise. He could get dressed with due haste and eat his sarnie in the car on the way to nursery like a good boy.
He got dressed, but now there are ham piece all over my back seat. It was not my finest idea.
Secondly: Is it odd that I find the sight of really old women driving disturbing? It just doesn't look right even though with God's grace I will be one of those old women at some stage.

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