Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day five in the big flu house

And Claire is starting to hallucinate with boredom. She can't even spend time with her children for fear of smiting them. (Is that a word? Claire no longer knows which words are real and which she is just randomly making up).
Claire has been trying to sleep. But can't. She can't breathe through her nose and her throat is swollen like a balloon. Upshot is she has to sleep with her gob hanging open which leads to manky drool situation. And there is snoring. LOTS of snoring. Kind of even when she is awake.
And she's moaning a lot (too much according to the husband). And by moaning we mean actual moaning as in "ooooh, ooooww, aaaaah" as opposed to her bog standard "Did ye see the state of that" moaning.
She has not written.
Probably a good thing given the propensity to make up words at the moment.
She is grateful to not be at work. Her sub would be having a field day (Sorry Mary, but you would be ashamed of me. My it's and its have all gone to hell....)
She had forgotten just how crappy a flu feels.
And it's the summer. And her wee man wants to go swimming.

Oh it is officially flu. But not swine flu. Just ordinary flu. No one she knows is posh enough to have gone to Mexico.



Deborah Riccio said...

Oh bless your poor snotty drooling face, Claire - it sounds absolutely horrific, tho must say you paint a beautifully graphic picture of how 'flu' feels, so your writing isn't all to pot!
It's even worse having it in the summer isn't it? I'm sending healing vibes through the ethosphere x

Fionnuala Kearney said...

I'm sorry Claire but I laughed through this. I do feel for you - really but you have to stop making us laugh....Get well soon. x

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